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Tips to create beautiful outdoor spaces this summer!

It’s that time of the year when the outdoors beckon and your patio, lawn or garden requires a revamp. Finally, one can entertain outside and host parties which are a blend of barbeque evenings and powwowing time drizzled with fun and frolic.

Alas! Planning an outdoor space is a challenging activity, or so you think! Yes, it means having a perfect setting, a well maintained garden and a nice view to transport in a world bereft of daily chores. But all it takes to materialize this is imagination, creativity and passion right from the cockles of your heart to bring the open space around you to life.

One could create this setting in the backyard with some of these useful and simple DIY tips. Each of these tricks shared by can be done without much effort or resources. Just get the shackles of your mind and get started on spending summer outdoors in the comfort of the beautiful outdoor spaces.

Fair warning! Your guests might not want to leave once you are done with implementing these ingenious and practical ideas.

Pick your furniture
Outdoor furniture is specially designed and made from materials that can be used in open spaces, requiring less maintenance. Wicker, rattan, cane are some of the materials which are popular choices. Depending on your personal tastes, you can either plan an informal sitting arrangement with complete sets or just one or two accent pieces. If you want to seat your guests and have small cozy get together, then a 4 seater with a centre table is perfect. For a more personalized space, your best option is to sink in total blissful comfort lounger.

Protection against insects and pests
No one wants to be nagged by summer insects and other pests while enjoying the outdoor on a balmy summer evening. Your guests and family will be swatting all over instead of enjoying the lovely evening. One of the pre-requisites of an open garden or space is managing these irritants. Try using this pretty yet effective electronic insect killer that looks nice and yet does its work efficiently. Alternatively, you can also go for natural insect repellent insect killer incense sticks that give out a relaxing aroma and are sage due to their organic make.

Small garden
An outdoor space can be converted into a mini-paradise with a selection of flowering plants or some herbs around. Go for the soothing effect of lemon grass known for its healing and calming effect. You can have little plants dotting the space with one of the best picks being the terrarium & fairy garden plant or you can go in for the beautiful and regal lavender. A dash of greenery around and the space transforms radiates quietude.

Light it up
Creating an atmosphere is all about how to use small things to your advantage (Think pretty cushions, table mats and other décor accessories). Lights and candles which add that missing zest to the environs around you is a must have when looking to redesign the outdoors. Go for brightly coloured LED fairy lights or the dainty and romantic electronic candle lights. Either one will fire up the space.

So what are you waiting for? Just get started on this exciting summer activity of going from banalities to beautiful outdoor spaces to win over your family & friends.

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