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5 Cardinal Rules for a Better Life!

5 Cardinal Rules for a better Life!

Sunshine and shower- The undeniable truth about a pantomime called life. Our lives are bristled with barrage of challenges, showers of happiness and gale of surprises. Encumbered with the lows of angst and elated with the highs of joy; a never ending cycle of life keeps us in constant motion, sometimes to the destination we were longing for and most ... Read More »

4 Ways to Make Your Day Productive!

4 Ways to Make Your Day Productive!

24 hours! This is the minuscule time-frame that has been gifted to ever so desirous Homo sapiens on the planet Earth. In these 24 hours, one needs to juggle between professional life, personal life and just to contort things a little, one also has to wade through numerous other chores as they come. Impossible, ludicrous, asinine! Yet you look around ... Read More »

8 most important aspects of a healthy lifestyle – why don’t you start one by one

an apple a day - healthy lifestyle

We all desire to live a healthy life. When you start to go through this full article, you wish to gain some inspiration to have a healthy lifestyle. Let me make one thing clear firstly, living a healthy life fully depends on your approach. If you really wish to make it, you can enjoy the whole benefits of a healthy ... Read More »

Some of the important benefits of agood healthy lifestyle

In every corner, we understand that the public need a simple method of staying a healthy lifestyle. This is due to the high increase of chronic diseases like Diabetes, cancers and others. Also, with the increase of population in the world, staying a healthy life is becoming apparent and it is good to understand the Important of why we should ... Read More »

Say Hello to a Healthy Lifestyle

Today, everybody is concerned about their health. Women and men from all ages are very curious regarding their health and why shouldn’t they be? After all, health is wealth! No matter how rich you are and how successful you are in life, but if your health is not good, then none of these things really matter. The main reason a ... Read More »

Dieting Tips for Lazy Pants: Fat, Fitness and Healthy Eating!

Last night party was off the hook. House music enveloped your soul, platters of sweet and savory dishes placated your hunger pangs and not to forget the tantalizing cocktails that zapped your senses, all those pleasures of a fine evening lured you in like Houdini’s bag full of tricks. The food and drinks charmed you, disarmed you and you gave ... Read More »

Green lifestyle tips

Life is the summery of some days, hours and minutes. In this short life, we choose our lifestyle to spend the life however we want. Nowadays, environment is getting dirty by the harmful work of human civilization. If we lead life which will be helpful to whole environment and keep it green, is called green lifestyle. Green lifestyle can only ... Read More »

10 best Cooking Book for making you a Super chef at home

10 best Cooking Book for making you a Super chef at home Read More »

10 Easy, Quick Everyday Hairstyles for long hair

Really nice video on 10 Easy, Quick Everyday Hairstyles for long hair. I hope you’ll enjoy it. Here is some recommended hair extension for long hair and quick hairstyles from Amazon. Pink Halo II Headband UNDER ARMOUR Adult Performance Headband Lovely Vintage Jewelry Crystal Peacock Hair Clip (best seller) Soft ‘N Style Hair Donut Black (best seller) Magic Foam Sponge Clip Hair ... Read More »