Saturday, August 19, 2017

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Tips to create beautiful outdoor spaces this summer!

Beautiful outdoor spaces

It’s that time of the year when the outdoors beckon and your patio, lawn or garden requires a revamp. Finally, one can entertain outside and host parties which are a blend of barbeque evenings and powwowing time drizzled with fun and frolic. Alas! Planning an outdoor space is a challenging activity, or so you think! Yes, it means having a ... Read More »


They say, “First impression is the last impression” and they say it right! When it comes to wooing a cute girl/ guy you have just spotted at a party, bar, theater or even at a friend’s place, you have to work hard and smart around your charm to ignite a flame. Not that everybody can woo anybody; nevertheless you can ... Read More »

Be Future Ready with Wearable Technology!

6 Wearable Technology

What started as a hysterical gimmick and a ploy to smash exorbitant price tags in the face of consumers in name of “futuristic technology” is finally shaping into something meaning.  Wearable technology, is last couple of years, has gained a major traction, both to the delight of the customers and to the betterment of business prospect of tech giants. By morphing ... Read More »

5 Cardinal Rules for a Better Life!

5 Cardinal Rules for a better Life!

Sunshine and shower- The undeniable truth about a pantomime called life. Our lives are bristled with barrage of challenges, showers of happiness and gale of surprises. Encumbered with the lows of angst and elated with the highs of joy; a never ending cycle of life keeps us in constant motion, sometimes to the destination we were longing for and most ... Read More »

5 Men’s Grooming Product you Need to Buy NOW!

5 Men’s Grooming Product you Need to Buy NOW!

Dapper up! It’s time to trim that luxuriant machismo gracing your face. It is time to get all spruced-up from top to bottom real good with these 5 men’s grooming must haves. These tool will chisel your manhood, redefine your personality and make you a sure an eye-ball catcher of a person. So here we go- Old-school style blade and shaving ... Read More »

4 Ways to Make Your Day Productive!

4 Ways to Make Your Day Productive!

24 hours! This is the minuscule time-frame that has been gifted to ever so desirous Homo sapiens on the planet Earth. In these 24 hours, one needs to juggle between professional life, personal life and just to contort things a little, one also has to wade through numerous other chores as they come. Impossible, ludicrous, asinine! Yet you look around ... Read More »

Amazing Tablets under 200 Dollars

Top 5 tablets under $200

A definitive muse of mobile computing industry, tablets have altered the ways of using a compact and sturdy piece of technology. They have successfully managed to bridge the gap between the cramped-up screen on a Smartphone and ever so attention demanding laptop. Just slip a tablet into your back pocket or put it in a sleeve and carry it around ... Read More »

8 most important aspects of a healthy lifestyle – why don’t you start one by one

an apple a day - healthy lifestyle

We all desire to live a healthy life. When you start to go through this full article, you wish to gain some inspiration to have a healthy lifestyle. Let me make one thing clear firstly, living a healthy life fully depends on your approach. If you really wish to make it, you can enjoy the whole benefits of a healthy ... Read More »

Top 5 Headphones to Wish Away the Aural Oblivion!

Stop it! Yes, you. You better mend your ways. After spending an awful amount of cash on your “i” and your “S”, you are still fixated on those tin cans embellished with tawdry rubber coating that come bundled with your phone. Yes, we are talking about those flimsy pair of sonic dumbness or what you call as your headphones. They ... Read More »

Top 5 fragrances for Men

Top 5 Fragrance for men

A man should smell like, well a man. The uber machismo and eyeball-arresting confidence, this is what A-Z of what a man is associated with should exude. But let us skip the baby steps and sift through the lot to discover the potent “F”. Wait! Stay Put! Don’t let your mind fly away with whimsical thoughts. F is for fragrance; ... Read More »