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5 Luxury Tech Stuff To Splurge On!

Life is giving you lemons or lemonade or pina colada for that matter?
Well, throw that right back at her and ask for some freshly minted moolah!
What you are about to set your eyes on will make you curdle with jealousy when compared to those 1% affluent populace out there who can afford these awe-inducing tech toys.

If you are one of these 1% lucky lads who can afford these limited edition luxury tech stuff listed here, then it is time to rattle your nest egg. These luxury tech items are your bragging rights, your way of smashing an attitude adjustment right in the face of the so called “rich brats” and holler the coming of the just-gifted-an-island-last week filthy rich guy in town. So you have the means and you are in the mood, lets just burn ‘em up, money not these precious little babes! And in case you can’t afford them, you know what to ask the Santa next Christmas.

Here we go-

Luxury tech toys

Photo Courtesy of Happyplugs

Let’s start small. Music means life to you. It drives you, it charms you and it disarms you. It somehow makes that nagging gloomy day an infectious glee filled ride. If music makes you tic,then this one is for you, you rich music maniacs! Try Happy Plugs Deluxe Edition. An 18-carat solid pair of gold ear buds, with a price tag of $14500, is handmade flash-in-your-face item of sheer luxury. Combined with uber sound quality, this 25-gram killer luxury tech toy is your answer to all the old school black and white scrawny wires and not to forget a jealousy inducer for onlookers. If you cannot afford these ones, you might want to check out the regular version of happy plugs here.

Luxury tech Stuff- iPhone colour

Photo Courtesy of Golden Dreams

For every affluent person there is a driving force to feed an insatiable hunger to flash the best world has to offer. And when that hunger is satiated a little, well it demands more! So to feed that gluttony, just cover up your precious iPhone5s with this piece of art. Let your eyes bask in the urbane beauty of a solid 18ct gold dragon on black alligator leather. Manufactured by Golden Dreams, this limited edition luxury tech accessory will make your iPhone safe and the luxury leviathan in you happy.

Photos Courtesy of Sony

Photo Courtesy of Sony

Now time to look at the bigger picture, quite literally! The coming of ultra HD, also known as 4K, will make your eye pop and jaw drop! That is some serious resolution mate. And don’t forget to de-clutter that spacious corner that this 85-inch beast will occupy in your sprawling apartment. If your wall is too small, check out the little brother: 55-inch, 4k Ultra HD, for just about $2500 if you’re quick enough to take this special offer.

Luxury tech toys- Speakers

Photo Courtesy of

Truth be told, you are just being a “skinflint”! A sad reality indeed. These luxury tech stuff are for nippers. Let us usher you in the big boy league. It is time to lap up a bigger and more opulent possession that will make your friends and foe feel the heat of your dollar bills. Check out these 18-carat gold speakers to grace your luxury tech accessories rack in your home. Priced at $4.7 million, these pair of Hart Audio D&W aural pleasure loudspeakers will make you hear luxury like never before!

Luxury tech toys- Laptop

Photo Courtesy of Luvaglio

Phew! Now your “humble” life seems somewhat complete. You can taste luxury after you bought your precious little 18-carat solid gold music companion, a spell-bounding 4K television, a dazzling cover for your iPhone and  state-of-the-art $4.7 million worth of speakers. Time to add this last piece of arsenal to make your luxury tech stuff conquest a dream run. Get your hands on Luvaglio Company’s one million dollars laptop! This heart stopping tech marvel offers a 17″ LED wide screen with reflective glare and a Blu-Ray player with all the bells and whistle you will ever need. Now that is something you do not want to lose while you grab your coffee.

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