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They say, “First impression is the last impression” and they say it right! When it comes to wooing a cute girl/ guy you have just spotted at a party, bar, theater or even at a friend’s place, you have to work hard and smart around your charm to ignite a flame. Not that everybody can woo anybody; nevertheless you can ... Read More »

4 Ways to Make Your Day Productive!

4 Ways to Make Your Day Productive!

24 hours! This is the minuscule time-frame that has been gifted to ever so desirous Homo sapiens on the planet Earth. In these 24 hours, one needs to juggle between professional life, personal life and just to contort things a little, one also has to wade through numerous other chores as they come. Impossible, ludicrous, asinine! Yet you look around ... Read More »

Overhaul Your Lifestyle- Find Happiness and Serenity

Carpe diem- A terse Latin phrase that summarises the very essence of life. To live in the moment is what makes life a box full of surprises; what might come next is a mystery and that is the best part about it. Alas! This element of uncertainty, these myriad of whims and fancies that life throws at us take a ... Read More »

How to Make Her Yours Forever

Okay so you’ve found her, everything’s ever green and it has come to the time where you really do not want to lose her. How to make her mine? This is what you ask yoursef. Because she makes you feel very happy and no matter how everything else is going, but as soon as you see her everything just goes ... Read More »

House cleaning tips: How to Keep a Spotless Home

House cleaning is important for all houses and one of the things that drives people away from this task is the effort that needs to be put in. The task to keep a spotlett home not only requires a lot of skill, but also needs some important equipment. Most people tend to call in a professional cleaner in order to ... Read More »

Makeup Tips For Redheads in Christmas

Red hair appearance is so stunning whether or not it’s copper, mahogany or cherry. It forever looks to feature a touch of extravagance to the looks. Redheads typically seem delicate, elf like and mysterious. Of course, some redheads have the fascinating pictures of pleasure, strength and confidence. Carrying red hair fashionable is exacting, and it will need well balanced makeup. ... Read More »

A guide to kitchen decor: create the kitchen you’ll love

Kitchens are called as the hub of the house, however everybody uses them otherwise and includes a trend all their own. Explore the huge assortment of kitchen decorating ideas for any kind of kitchen. Look into the exclusive collection of kitchen reworking ideas and photos that includes fashionable, country, cottage, and even dream kitchens. Find out how to switch your ... Read More »

Fall fashion tips for women – Some tips you must know

Fall is the most enjoyable and comfortable season among the all seasons. People love this season for the normal temperature of the weather. In this season, there is not so much hot or cold. So people can easily enjoy this temperate atmosphere. This season is very much special for fashionable people. As women are more conscious about their look and ... Read More »

Fall Fashion Tips For Men in 2013

The season, fall means falling leaves from the tress. Basically fall s like the interval between summer and winter. This is such a season where the atmosphere stays in temperate zone. There is not too much heat and too much cold. So this season is bit different from the other two seasons. Fashion according to the seasons, need to be maintained ... Read More »

Summer fashion tips for Kids: You must know

Summer is considered as one of the warmest seasons of all the seasons in a year. Summer is not enjoyable for everyone. Because of the rising temperature, people suffer from various diseases. In this season, kids and old people suffer the most. They do not feel any comfort for the excessive sun heat. In this season kids need to be ... Read More »