Saturday, August 19, 2017


Ten Wardrobe Essentials Every Woman Must Have

Are you the kind of person who after getting ready still requires a final touch, but not sure what? Do you have the correct outfit for all occasions? Lastly, if a quick event came up leaving you no time to shop, would you have something appropriate to dress in? If the answer is yes, no, no, then it’s time you ... Read More »

Lingerie color guide: Does the color of your underwear really show your mood?

If your mood can change, then so can your lingerie! Treat yourself to this luxury and give your wardrobe a vibrant and wild touch! Mix and match with your mood and be sure to have an item in every color and style! Our little lingerie color guide will help you with that. Colors, styles, cuts and fabrics of lingerie determine ... Read More »

What to Avoid When Applying Eye Shadow

You may have read many blogs on how TO apply eye shadow, but until you are not familiar with the errors there’s no way you can stop making them. This article lets you in on the main mistakes made when applying eye shadows, which can really ruin the look if they are not controlled to some extent or even avoided. ... Read More »

Makeup Tips For Blondes: Tips to look attractive

For women with blond hair, some buildup colors may be too harsh or make the skin look washed out.  Finding all of the proper makeup tips for blondes is not simple, particularly as a result of there are a unit such a large amount of totally different blonde hair colors out there. I’ve got the low down on the most ... Read More »

Some Beautiful Christmas Gift Ideas for Mom

Hey guyz, have you finished your Christmas shopping? If not yet, whats the plan for your mom? Aren’t you looking for some unique Christmas gift items to give your mom? Let me help you out, I have found some beautiful Christmas gift ideas for mom. Let me share them with you all. All links contains, recommended products from Amazon to ... Read More »

Holiday Makeup Idea: Christmas Makeup Tutorial: 1

Natural & Glowing 10 Minute Makeup Tutorial

Christmas Makeup Tutorial:1 Lets enjoy this exclusive makeup tutorial to make you gorgeous and glamorous on Christmas party. Recommended Products For this Make up: Makeup Cosmetic Cheek Facial Blush Blusher Powder Palette Makeup Salon FOREVER AFTER ALL DAY MOISTURIZER Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration SPF 30 Sunscreen Lotion Pro Beauty Flawless Makeup Blender Foundation Puff Multi Shape Sponges Salmon Dark Circle ... Read More »

Christmas Gift For Women: Luxury Ladies Watches

Have you ever think about luxury ladies watches as a Christmas gift for women. If the women is your wife or fiance, it can be a smart choice to give her a best luxury ladies watch as a Christmas present. Enjoy this collection of luxury limited edition ladies watches for your wife, fiance or GF. All these watches have been ... Read More »

Fall fashion tips for women – Some tips you must know

Fall is the most enjoyable and comfortable season among the all seasons. People love this season for the normal temperature of the weather. In this season, there is not so much hot or cold. So people can easily enjoy this temperate atmosphere. This season is very much special for fashionable people. As women are more conscious about their look and ... Read More »

A Beginner’s Guide to Makeup Brushes

Makeup, an additional work which is considered as must needed things for going out in any occasion or workout purpose, is very important for women to maintain their beauty and fashion. Fashionable women consider it as an art which enables them to look beautifully different and stunning. For makeup, makeup brushes are essential and most important tools. Brushes are important ... Read More »

Summer fashion tips for girls

Summer is the hottest season than all other and it has so many bad affects on people who have sensitive skin specially girls. Summer is not enjoyable for everybody. Temperature grows so high in this weather and everything’s become hot and unbearable. Sweats come out of body and clothes become dirty and wet. Many times sweats throw bad smell which ... Read More »