Saturday, August 19, 2017


Be Future Ready with Wearable Technology!

6 Wearable Technology

What started as a hysterical gimmick and a ploy to smash exorbitant price tags in the face of consumers in name of “futuristic technology” is finally shaping into something meaning.  Wearable technology, is last couple of years, has gained a major traction, both to the delight of the customers and to the betterment of business prospect of tech giants. By morphing ... Read More »

Top 5 Headphones to Wish Away the Aural Oblivion!

Stop it! Yes, you. You better mend your ways. After spending an awful amount of cash on your “i” and your “S”, you are still fixated on those tin cans embellished with tawdry rubber coating that come bundled with your phone. Yes, we are talking about those flimsy pair of sonic dumbness or what you call as your headphones. They ... Read More »

Top 5 Bluetooth enabled speakers for Soundphilies

Top 5 Bluetooth Enabled speakers

Let us start by stating the obvious; who doesn’t like mellifluous beats enticing body,mind and soul. Be it spending time with yourself and musing about idiosyncrasies of life or throwing a house party to startle the night with your gleaming joy, whatever be your way, music makes for a perfect companion. Music sways you, it arrests you, it charms you, and ... Read More »

Reasons for holiday – why people go on vacation

Time for a holiday? Read about the Top 10 Destinations if you are not sure where to go for that holiday. We all need some vacation at some point and here are the top ten reasons for holiday! Reasons for holiday: One To Five To relax. Even if it’s for a week or two, but some time out by the pool ... Read More »

Travel Essentials You Must Not Leave Your Home Without

Travelling is a lovely experience and it really gives you a break from your normal life as well a chance to experience new things and meet new people. However, the last thing you want to do is be driving to the airport or even worse be sitting in the plane and suddenly remember you have left an essential back at ... Read More »

Road Trip Checklist, Every Traveler Must Read

Road Trip

If you love travelling like me, you must have have faced the trouble of forgetting some essentials at home. So I made this road trip checklist to remind you all about all the essential items you must check before you start your trip. So lets check your list now. Road Trip Checklist, Every Traveler Must Read Documents:  Flight tickets  Pre-paid ... Read More »

Hiking Food Safety, Some Tips You Must Know

Hiking is a great outdoor exercise which ensures a fit body with fresh mind at the time when we get stressed and search for some relaxation. The benefit of hiking is beyond any doubt and people who do it in regular basis, they have better life than the other normal people. In hiking, there are several things which are needed ... Read More »