Saturday, August 19, 2017

Top Ten Signs He Likes You

There he goes again that cute fellow you can’t take your eyes off, not even for a second. Does he like you? He’s looking at you is he? Is he really? If he is, then what does it mean? You feel a hot rush run through you as you pass him… What on earth is happening?! Well, you definitely like him, but is he in to you too?! If you are often thinking these thoughts and experiencing these feelings, then it’s time to go through the signs that will let you know if he feels the same! Is love in the air just for you or for the both of you? Check out our top ten signs he likes you to find out!

Signs he likes you: One Two Three

Does he get a little livelier when you are around? You may have noticed as you’re coming down the corridor he’s just standing talking to his mates and it’s all normal, but… As soon as you’re around he gets all happy, chirpy and lively. If yes, then it’s surely a crush and you really do put shiny stars in his eyes! Secondly, every time he makes eye-contact does he hold it there? When a guy meets someone he is not romantically interested in he usually breaks eye contact and moves on, but… If he’s into you, then he will surely hold it there for a good couple of seconds or even minutes! Thirdly, when he sits by you are his feet turning to you? Yes I can understand you’re there feeling all hot and flushed and may not even notice his feet, but it’s important! It really is as research has proven that body language helps indicate how people feel. If his feet are turning towards you, then you may just have him in your hands!

Signs he likes you: Four Five Six

All off a sudden does he look different? Maybe it’s his hair, which looks neater or his dress style has dramatically changed and looks more appealing. When a guy is thinking about asking a girl out, then he usually changes his appearance and takes time to appear smarter and neater. Maybe he’s preparing himself to ask someone out… Perhaps that someone is you? Do his friends tease him as soon as you walk into the room? If a guy has a crush, the first thing he would do is tell his mates. The first things his mates would do are start to tease him at every sight of you! Does that happen? Are you seeing him everywhere you go? Now it can’t always be a coincidence, so perhaps he’s intentionally showing up just so he can bump into you and spend more time? if yes; he surely likes you!

Signs he likes you: Seven Eight Nine

When he’s talking does he look directly at you? Maybe you’re standing in a group and he’s talking to everyone, but where’s his main focus? If guys are into someone, then they usually have trouble focusing on others and tend to give the whole attention to that one person. Is that you? If yes, then that is one clear sign! Does he touch you at every opportunity he gets? Maybe you’re sitting, talking and having a laugh and he pats your arm or your thighs. This is surely a sign and if you’re getting more “pats” than others, then he may well be into you! If he likes you he will definitely ask your friends questions about you, just so he can surprise you in the future. Maybe things like where you love to hang out as well as your likes and dislikes.

Sign Ten!
Wow we’re here! Finally, he will do his level best to do whatever it takes to make you laugh and smile! Guys tend to impress a girl through humor so be sure to respond clearly to his antics and show him you’re into him too!

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