Saturday, August 19, 2017

Ten Wardrobe Essentials Every Woman Must Have

Are you the kind of person who after getting ready still requires a final touch, but not sure what? Do you have the correct outfit for all occasions? Lastly, if a quick event came up leaving you no time to shop, would you have something appropriate to dress in? If the answer is yes, no, no, then it’s time you got prepared! There are many necessities a woman must have in her wardrobe and it is important you know exactly what they are! Not only will these wardrobe essentials have you dressing in class, but also give you the appropriate dressing style for every occasion. How to Dress for Any Occasion is surely worth a read if you never want to get your dress wrong at any occasion!

Black Suit, Pumps and White Shirt

A classic black suit is a must, regardless whether you work at an office or not. This attire is lovely for formal parties and can easily transform your look from daytime to evening. Black leather pumps are not only perfect for versatility, but will also go with many pants and skirts; giving you a stylish touch. If they have a 2 ½” heel, then they’re perfect! An everyday wear would be a crisp white shirt. Not only will this wardrobe essential always match with all outfits, but is also easy to coordinate with many accessories.

Top, Jacket and Jeans

A lovely V-neck top will flawlessly go with jeans, pants and skirts. One in your favorite color is a must and be sure to have it in cotton or a silk blend. These two fabrics are ever so comfy and will always give you a smooth touch of comfort! A knee-length fitted jacket is ideal to be worn with pants, jeans and skirts. If it is single-breasted in a neutral color, then it will easily coordinate with many outfits and styles. A pair of jeans that charmingly fit will be comfortable for you and leave a flattering effect on all! The boot cut style is recommended. There are many reasons Why Boot Cut Jeans are Different, find out the secret to why they are preferred more than others.

Diamond Stud Earrings, Little Black Dress and Handbags

Large or small diamond stud earrings look gorgeous on all. They beautifully add a touch of glamour to the appearance and go with all outfits, therefore they are part of our list of wardrobe essentials. The little black dress doesn’t have to be flashy, oh no! You buy it how you like it and it will always look lovely with shoes, plush jewellery and accessories. Handbags are a must as they not only carry your essentials, but also look lovely with all styles. Two handbags are perfect; one that’s stylish for everyday use and another with a little bit of glitz, which will instantly add style to your evening look. So, a well-constructed bag for daily use and an evening bag to add glitz to the evening look!

diamond studds

In order to fully complete your wardrobe essentials sexy undergarments are a must! Bras and panties in assorted colors will not only live up your wardrobe, but also have you dressing in some sexy lingerie and feeling ever so vibrant! Now you know the top ten essentials, you can get shopping!

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