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They say, “First impression is the last impression” and they say it right! When it comes to wooing a cute girl/ guy you have just spotted at a party, bar, theater or even at a friend’s place, you have to work hard and smart around your charm to ignite a flame. Not that everybody can woo anybody; nevertheless you can ... Read More »

Top Ten Signs He Likes You

There he goes again that cute fellow you can’t take your eyes off, not even for a second. Does he like you? He’s looking at you is he? Is he really? If he is, then what does it mean? You feel a hot rush run through you as you pass him… What on earth is happening?! Well, you definitely like ... Read More »

Advice for a long distance relationship is very important

tips for long time relationships can be useful

After a long experience of working with long distances relationship couples, we have discovered that there are many things that need to be done. These things are important in making sure that the relationship survives. In this post, there are some of the advices that are compiled all over the years. Even if they may look simple, they are very ... Read More »

How to Make Her Yours Forever

Okay so you’ve found her, everything’s ever green and it has come to the time where you really do not want to lose her. How to make her mine? This is what you ask yoursef. Because she makes you feel very happy and no matter how everything else is going, but as soon as you see her everything just goes ... Read More »

Relationships – Balancing the Male and Female within Ourselves

In every sphere of our life, aren’t we thinking about having a perfect relationship??? The perspective is same for the male and female but there is some difference in the outlook and thoughts of these two kinds of person in this world. We always think if our relationships confusing or always changing. If there is any gap or I should ... Read More »

His & Hers – How to Share Emotional Space in a Relationship

A relationship is all about trust, care, love, affection, attraction and emotion. When two people are in a relationship, they might not have the same personality. They have to compromise with each other for better life and understanding. Each person’s point of view and understanding power is different from the other people. So you have to compromise or leave it. ... Read More »

Successful Relationships – Mining Relationship Gold

We like to share our life with people and it’s our natural character a human species. But we need someone special who will share our each and every moment of joy and sorrow. If we can find someone like that, we will be able to have a successful relationship. But we do mistakes all the time. We cannot give the ... Read More »

Are Your Friends Hurting Your Relationship?

As a human being, it’s our nature to live in a social network where we can know the well being of our every dear person. We like to know about the current situation of our friends and relatives and their effects our life also. Like if your friend is facing some really hard and rough times, you may feel like ... Read More »

Put Some Z.I.P. into Your Relationships

For any successful relationships, the matter of Z.I.P plays some really important role and they are considered as key matters. Z.I.P stands for zest, intimacy and purpose which keeps any relationship or make any relationships active and alive. Relationships are the only things which make our life beautiful and a healthy positive and good relationship give us some valuable moment ... Read More »

Four Steps To Know A Person Completely

In our short life, we have to deal with a lot of people and sometimes some people really matters in our life. As a human being, we are so emotional that we easily depend on other people for our mental satisfaction. Those people who matters the most in our life are very important than any other thing to know them ... Read More »