Saturday, August 19, 2017

Smart phone

Amazing Tablets under 200 Dollars

Top 5 tablets under $200

A definitive muse of mobile computing industry, tablets have altered the ways of using a compact and sturdy piece of technology. They have successfully managed to bridge the gap between the cramped-up screen on a Smartphone and ever so attention demanding laptop. Just slip a tablet into your back pocket or put it in a sleeve and carry it around ... Read More »

Beginners guide: Which Smartphone OS is right for you?

Smartphones are really in lately and almost everyone owns them as they are not just like “any other gadget”, oh no! Smartphones are more of an essential and the availability is numerous. Smartphones come with their very own operating system, which is known as OS. Due to this, it can be difficult to pick the smartphone that suits you, therefore ... Read More »

10 Best Nokia Lumia phones that will color your lifestyle

SmartPhones are passing trends. For faster internet surfing, quick image share, personal and business purposes you must need a smartphone. If you want to think beyond the box and want to make your lifestyle more colorful, don’t forget to check out new Nokia Lumia phones in this year. These colorful phones will make your life more colorful. 10 Best Nokia ... Read More »

Best HTC phones, will they improve your lifestyle?

HTC is a premium class smart phone brand. If you like Android, high speed touch, stylish design and superior performance, then HTC phones are just made for you.  Amazing finish, lightening fast processing power and high definition cameras have made HTC phones, worlds leading one. Today I am going to share 5 best HTC phones to you. All these smart ... Read More »