Saturday, August 19, 2017

Overhaul Your Lifestyle- Find Happiness and Serenity

Carpe diem- A terse Latin phrase that summarises the very essence of life. To live in the moment is what makes life a box full of surprises; what might come next is a mystery and that is the best part about it.

Alas! This element of uncertainty, these myriad of whims and fancies that life throws at us take a heavy toll on most of us. We are enveloped by the thoughts about the future till the point that our life starts weighing heavy on our shoulders. Rather than living it, we start breathing through it. This baggage of what might be in store for us next combined with the past relics of our memories force us to forget about the present and wade through the pristine gift called life.

Pain, agony, despair replaces happiness, serene and the zeal in us. We start wallowing in the state of hopelessness rather than savouring the finer and quintessential pleasures of life.

Well now is the time to turn things around! It is time to embrace these cardinal rules that you need in order to overhaul your lifestyle and find happiness in our darkest hours-

Smile costs zilch, so lap it up find Happiness is a wink of an eye.

Smile costs zilch, so lap it up!

32 Pearl Panacea –Let’s get to the brass tracks and let those 32 pearls shine! Million reasons to frown but a few to smile. That is life. So let those moments of happiness snowball into bouts of merriment, fun and frivolity reign supreme over your senses and be a happiness junkie! It is not that hard, try it.

No-Go To Gloating– Yeah, we know, none of us aims to live like monks. But to live a life that is meaningful and fulfilling, we need to ensure that we are not swayed by the spectrum of emotions we humans are endowed with. Seasonal outburst in the form of anger or happiness at the cost of others and gloating on these ephemeral emotions ultimately dents our character not to forget the pain it inflict the other person. So create a world around you that works for everyone, not just you.

Lose the baggage– One of the things that serve as a pair of vices and prevent us from registering some amazing feats in our life is our past. Past failures and past experiences unwittingly shape our behaviour and the way we handle our future events. One needs to lose these relics of past events in order to live life at one’s own terms. One needs to get high on the present, be elated about unveiling the future and shove the past under the rug to experience the paradigm shift in one’s life.


Let past be past.

The key is to be content– Now that does not mean to be critically complacent. Dreams and aspiration are few of those things that fuel the perennial fire in humans to outsmart and outdo themselves. The gist is to find happiness even when one feels crestfallen. Smiling in pain and smiling at pain empower us to make our lives a tad lively. Not “why me”, but “try me”. So do not miss out on the opportunity of squeezing out all that the life has to offer even when you feel forlorn at heart!


About Ankit Gupta

A dreamer by day and a writer by night, Ankit is a foodie, music lover and an MMA junkie. His motto to strive towards success is “Life is too short to wallow in sadness, so love a lot, laugh loudly and eat greedily”.