Saturday, August 19, 2017

How to Make Her Yours Forever

forever-yoursOkay so you’ve found her, everything’s ever green and it has come to the time where you really do not want to lose her. How to make her mine? This is what you ask yoursef. Because she makes you feel very happy and no matter how everything else is going, but as soon as you see her everything just goes right. Wow! Good on you for getting so far and it’s called love what you are experiencing! However, is she attracted to you too? Have you made her fall in love too? Don’t just leave it to the horoscopes and lucky stars, oh no! If you leave it to them you won’t get anywhere, which is why today we let you in on some lovely love secrets! These will not only maker her love you, but also much more and to find out just keep reading!

First of all you need to make her miss you and if you’re always available there is no way whatsoever that will happen. So, don’t be too available. If you are always with her she may start to see you more like a friend and that’s something we don’t want! Being attached to somebody is lovely, but it can also get boring at some point; so miss her and make her miss you! Secondly, interest her with new things. Seeing someone daily and talking about the same things makes everyone bored at some point and this is girls we are talking about! No girl would want to hang out with a boring guy, so as well as being nice also show her a little sense of humor and clever skills. A known fact: women will always go for a smarter guy!

Be sweet with a little romance. In the list of the top ten things a girl wishes to find in her man; sweetness and romance is surely there! A little chumminess won’t hurt you and it will surely impress your girl. Women tend to want someone who enjoys a cuddle on the warm couch every now and then as well as some lovely poetry recited by their man. For more information on what a girl looks for in a guy, you may also like to read about the Five Things a Girl Looks For In a Guy.

Put a little aggressiveness in to you, by this we don’t mean start losing your temper uncontrollably, oh no! Being reliable and firm has its peaks and when it comes to women they really play hard-to-get. A little patience of steel on your side is a must if you’re really serious in making her yours. Doing this will surely be worth it and very soon you will also be rewarded. Finally, make her try something new and join in with her. Women love adding a little spice in life by trying out new things and if there’s an adventurous guy by their side, then that really makes things special and unique!

Now you know the tactics how to make her yours you can easily go off and have your girl flattered! Not only will she love you forever, but she will also feel very special she has someone like you in her life. There are many more ways a girl’s heart can be won and to find out how, you can also have a read of How to Win a Girls Heart.

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