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Makeup 101: A Beginners Guide to Makeup

Applying makeup isn’t as simple as some would cause you to suppose particularly if you’re a beginner. Here are some common general tips up to date in mind once applying composes for work or for an interview. Starting makeup users home at age from preteen to adult, however in spite of your age, you must grasp directly that there are make up things to splurge on, and also those to skip. Also, makeup consists of over rouge and lipstick, and there are available tools and tricks grasp before going out and defrayment a fortune on cosmetics.

You don’t get to purchase all of the makeup brushes, makeup colors or lipstick shades. In most cases, they require solely a couple of colors which will blandish your skin tone, eye color or personal preference, that makes it foolish to pay the most cash on things you’ll wear one time. Therewith out of the approach, here could be a beginner’s guide to makeup which will get you started. Here is a quick beginners guide to makeup for all lovely ladies.

A Beginners Guide to MakeupMakeup 101: A Beginners Guide to Makeup

Washing face and moisturize

Always apply makeup to wash the skin. Not solely do cosmetics adhere higher to skin that’s freed from oil and dirt. However you’re less seemingly to suffer breakouts. Apply a lightweight moisturizer that absorbs quickly, and permit it to dry for a handful of minutes.

Applying concealer

Use a concealer brush to dab cream or powder concealer directly onto blemishes, scars, under-eye circles and alternative areas with uneven tone, mixing the perimeters. Green tinted concealers are smart for canceling out redness, whereas yellow-toned formulas camouflage chromatic areas.

Tinted moisturizer, BB cream or foundation

If you have got smart skin, a tinted moisturizer or shot cream is all you wish for a base – simply skip the moisturizer beforehand. Apply a tiny low quantity of the product together with your fingers, dabbing and patting it into a sleek, even layer. If you’re employing a foundation, apply it with a foundation brush or makeup sponge. Mineral foundations ought to be “buffed” onto your skin during a circular motion.


The foundation will typically build your face seem one-dimensional and flat, thus use blush to feature color back to your cheeks, and build your makeup look a lot of natural. Scan a lot of concern makeup blush. There are plenty of blushes to decide on from, however peach or lightweight pink tones work well for nearly each skin tone, and are simply blended  to make a fairly glow on your cheeks. To use blush, smile and use a down-like brush to gently dirt the powder onto the apples of your cheeks. Mix the color up to your temples by moving the comb gently in tiny circular motions.

Eye liner

Use makeup to draw attention to your eyes. This is often a little difficult, however with follow, it becomes easier. There are totally different formulas to decide on from, together with gel, liquid, and pencil makeups that are available in totally different colors. The fundamental go to color for eyeliner is black. Gel associated liquid eyeliners tend to be easier to figure with as a result of their usually escort an angular brush or applier that permits you to start with tiny lines, and build them up to a thicker line if you favor.

Eye shadow

The three colors a beginner to make up ought to have are a lightweight skin toned color shadow, dark brown color, and a medium toned color. These three colors will produce multiple appearances, and additionally compliment colors that you just are also added to your assortment. Apply the lightest color of makeup to the inner corners of your eyes, and also the darkest color to the outer corners. Mix the colors along victimization the medium-toned color the center of your paper. This creates a smoky eye look.


Remove any clumps from the wand with a clean tissue, and punctiliously pull the wand from the bottom of your lashes to the guidelines. Repeatedly, however this point, wiggle the comb as you head to separate your lashes. You’ll be able to apply war paint to only the higher lash line or to your lower one similarly.

Adding lip color

You can apply lipstick directly from the tube; otherwise you will “paint” it on with a tiny low lip brush that is preferred for darker shades.  Apply a bright gloss over your lip color if you favor it.

I hope this Beginners Guide to Makeup will help you to know the basics of makeup. Don’t forget to share it with your friends if you find this post helpful.

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