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Be Future Ready with Wearable Technology!

What started as a hysterical gimmick and a ploy to smash exorbitant price tags in the face of consumers in name of “futuristic technology” is finally shaping into something meaning.  Wearable technology, is last couple of years, has gained a major traction, both to the delight of the customers and to the betterment of business prospect of tech giants.

By morphing a simpleton piece of accessory like a watch into a future ready smart watch, modern technology is finally doing more than just scratching the surface of unveiling next wave of gadgets and gizmos. People can now related to these gadgets on a better level and more importantly, these gadgets do not leave one all broke and out!

Here, Lifeus,net brings some wearable technology which are more than just “ooo” and “aaah”. These gadgets are ingenuity at its best and they are bound to catapult your productivity to a whole new level by giving you a better control over your daily chores. Have a look-

Fitness Pleasures 

They are slim, smart and savvy. They are the motivational inducers and your personal drill sergeants. They are your ultimate fitness companion. Fitness bands is a new offering to the people who want to track their progress while they go from flab to fab! Fitness BandsWith these tiny little wrist bands, you can track your sleeping cycle, the number of steps you walked in a day, measure distance you ran in the morning, and also the number of calories consumed and burned. They let you size-up your performance and let keep a check on your progress in an interactive way.

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Time Gazing and More

Smart WatchThe God of time, Chronos might feel a little insecure! Rudimentary watch of yours just turned into a smart time piece. Check the messages on your phone, receive calls, get real-time feeds of temperature and other notification all on the tiny yet effective screen of your smart watch. To make the whole experience a little sweeter for tech-heads, smart watches can even act a standalone music player and a camera to help the “media famished soul” to feel satisfied.

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Magic of Mountable Cameras 71rhvHkRx1L._SL1500_

How my times have you gone on an excursion and wished that those skiing or cliff jumping moments against pristine backdrops  where captures from a radical point of view of yours? Well, wearable cameras can take care of that longing of yours. Just mount one of these on your helmet or wear them on your shoulders and the final video shot or bunch of clicks will shock you in the most pleasant way.

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And Everything Else!

Heart monitor

Then there are devices to keep a track on your pets so that they don’t wander off in the dark. Devices to measure your sugar and blood level in the most advance way, all from the comfort of your home. Device to keep a tab on  your babes’ moment.

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