Saturday, August 19, 2017

What to Avoid When Applying Eye Shadow

You may have read many blogs on how TO apply eye shadow, but until you are not familiar with the errors there’s no way you can stop making them. This article lets you in on the main mistakes made when applying eye shadows, which can really ruin the look if they are not controlled to some extent or even avoided. You may come across many magazines, newspapers and even websites that contain many pictures from some of the expensive camera gadgets out there. However, a little thing as eye makeup really plays a big part on the possibility of a photo being ruined or not; no matter how good the camera is! Read on and discover some of the worst things you can do whilst applying eye shadow, which do nothing, but ruin the whole look!

Touching the corners of the inner eyes with anything that has touched the eye shadow is a classic mistake. It is probably best to leave this sensitive area out, but if you really want to cover it with shadow, then you should use a disposable element and sprinkle a chosen color onto a clean surface. Sponge tip eye shadow brushes will work brilliantly for the sensitive areas and can easily be disposed at the end of each use. The advantage of doing this is the applicator that touches the sensitive area can be thrown away and there is no need whatsoever for you to use the same eye shadow brush on the sensitive areas. Regardless of knowing how to avoid this common error, if you still choose to repeat the mistake, then this can cause large eye pimples, which are not a pretty picture and can take weeks to cure. So just avoid touching the sensitive areas and you will be fine!

Shimmering and sparkling colors look ever so beautiful and should not be applied directly to the lash line. Many people do this and don’t realize the amount of tiny little flecks off powder and glitter that pile onto the surface of the sebaceous glands. This can be very painful and even cause your eye to swell and itch. When applying sparkly eye shadow, you should keep it above the eyeliner stroke and keep it away from the lash line. A pearl eye shadow pallet comes with many lovely shimmery colors, which will flawlessly match any look.

eye shadow

Just like every other makeup, eye shadow also needs to be removed before bed either with a makeup remover. The RIMMEL eye makeup remover is extremely gentle to the eye and causes no harm. Alternatively, you can also use coconut oil or even olive oil as a substitute to the chemical remover if you have sensitive skin.

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