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Advice for a long distance relationship is very important

After a long experience of working with long distances relationship couples, we have discovered that there are many things that need to be done. These things are important in making sure that the relationship survives. In this post, there are some of the advices that are compiled all over the years. Even if they may look simple, they are very essential when it comes to long distance relationship. Below are some of them that you may consider.


    • Establish an effective communication channel: The most important thing to do is to have an effective communication channel. Most people think that telephone is the way to go in order to have the most convenient mode of communication method. However, there are some other means of communications that can be used. Instant messenger, emails and the conventional mail can be very effective – but be careful because they may have some negative issues.
    • Plan to meet each other: this is another important thing that helps those guys who are in a long distance relationship. This will help both of you to catch up and have a time to deal with things you want to do. Seeing each other will create an impact of excitement and also eliminate the lonely feeling of being alone.
    • Build a hobby that you can both share: by building a hobby that you both like, you will have something important to discuss. This will help you to work out in your long distance relationship. Finding something that you can online can be very interesting because you can judge online but you will never let your partner leave the present of your hobby.
    • Surprise your partner: mostly, surprise your partner with gifts, flowers, letters, cards and the relationship will grow stronger. Make sure you use your partner imagination and get to love all the effort you have all done. Sending gifts that are unexpected to your partner will spice up the relationship despite how far your partner is.
    • Share the interesting moment¬† with your partner: `all the time you have been in your long distance relationship , it is good to keep records on your interesting moments such as video clips, exchanging photos. Audio recording and others. `This will completely keep your partner informed about your past.


  • Settle for a temporary replacement: one of the mistakes that you and your partner can make is to find a temporary replacement when your partner is not around physically. When you let in a third party into your life, you will risk not only your long distance relationship but also you will break the trust and agreement you made to your partner. Although this may seems to be not done intentionally, it may be very costly upon your relationship. That is why couples are asked to be faithful to each other in order to have courage and positive doings in a long distance relationship. Not forgetting that trust is the key of every relationship and when it breaks, then life cannot be easy.
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