Saturday, August 19, 2017


They say, “First impression is the last impression” and they say it right! When it comes to wooing a cute girl/ guy you have just spotted at a party, bar, theater or even at a friend’s place, you have to work hard and smart around your charm to ignite a flame. Not that everybody can woo anybody; nevertheless you can bump-up your chances of making it to the heart of the person you are smitten by.

Here are the five golden points to be ingrained in your mind so as to woo a person who made you skip a heartbeat the other day–

Talk it through – Even though we consider ourselves über cool with swear words and slang running off like leaky faucet from our mouths, it still sounds very appealingly to listen to someone whose speech shows mannerism, eloquence and elegance. Females especially fall head over heels when a male can exude grace with his speech.

Appropriate eye contact– Eyes are the windows to a person’s soul. A person’s disposition can be easily judged by the eye contact he/ she makes. Being a wooer, you need to make a confident contact with the person of your interest. This accentuates your confidence as well as their acclimation towards you. As a matter of fact, you can gauge the degree of interest a person have in your presence by noticing the size of their pupils. Larger the size of their pupil is, more they are interested in you.
P.S. Avoid staring since you don’t want to come across as a creeper!

Say no to show off – Ostentation is a big NO! Nobody likes a person who waltzes around to flaunt his/ her priced possessions. No matter how affluent or qualified you may be, never turn yourself into a braggart! Be modest, calm and composed. Do that and opposite sex will show you more appreciation.

Own a decent wardrobe – You must dress immaculately, no matter what! You want to break the ice and make you way into the heart of the person you are enamored of, you better shop your way through it. It doesn’t matter if you have a limited stock of clothes and shoes, it just need to be in vogue blended with classiness.

Smile– You may not have the slightest idea of what your smile is capable of! A confident smile makes you one step closer to the person you are trying impress. Make sure you smile at appropriate moments and when you do, look straight into his/ her eyes. It leaves an indelible mark with the person you are interacting with.

Following the above key points do not guarantee a sure proposal, but it does make a strong impression of your demeanor in the heart of the person you are trying to woo. Next time you visit a bar or a café, just use this tips to woo the person you just spotted sitting across the table and surly gain their unfaltering attention.

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A dreamer by day and a writer by night, Ankit is a foodie, music lover and an MMA junkie. His motto to strive towards success is “Life is too short to wallow in sadness, so love a lot, laugh loudly and eat greedily”.